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go trojans!

Monroe High School


go trojans!

Monroe High School

go trojans!

Monroe High School

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3 weeks ago @ 10:14AM

Fall Athlete Parent Notification - *IMPORTANT UPDATE*


Monroe Public Schools has added a Waiver and Pledge for Participation in Athletic Activities requiring signature from all of our student-athlete parents/guardians.  This form has been added to the Final Forms Registration program for your convenience.  

All parents/guardians must log into the system and electronically sign this form prior to further participation by your student-athlete in any MPS athletic activity.  The form is available immediately and parents/guardians are asked to update this item as soon as possible to ensure smooth transition to active sports for your student-athlete.

Monroe Public Schools always takes seriously the safety of our student-athletes and their safety is our number one priority, especially in the context of the ongoing concerns with the COVID-19 virus.

For parents with student-athletes in off-season sports, this form will be available for your signature when registration opens for the season of your student-athletes sport. 

Thank you,
Holly Marshall
Monroe High School Athletics Administration

Please use this address to sign into and update your Final Forms Registration:

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